Frequently asked questions

Why ProDPO?

Legal experts. Data protection law and practice has become incredibly complex as of late. The UK GDPR is based on a number of principles but how do they apply in practice? Without exaggeration, data protection law is shaped by a vast body of good and bad practice examples, regulatory action, privacy activism and whistleblowing, judicial practice, compensation culture, sociological research and societal values, general trust in those in charge of our data and other factors. Against the backdrop of all these factors, we offer pragmatic advice based on our industry knowledge and understanding of legal and regulatory practice.

Project management. Some of our clients prefer a comprehensive service including project management, practical implementation of processes, raising of awareness and continued education, audits and monitoring. Other clients designate internal individuals for these activities who we then guide along the way. You can shape your ProDPO service to meet your specific compliance objectives in a cost-conscious way.

Able to assist with most matters. As legal experts and experienced DPOs, rarely is there any matter that we are unable to assist with. We successfully complete tasks in collaboration with our client’s internal teams and generally without the need for costly external advice.

Network of lawyers. In addition,we work with a network of trusted lawyers in other countries should foreign legal advice be necessary.

Privileged communications. When we advise as lawyers our communications are legally privileged and would not be disclosable to a court or under a subject access request.

DPOtech. We rely on a number of tools to provide an efficient service. We will not shy away from adapting to your work practices or adopting your business tools, if preferred, or suggesting our own or third party business tools where we think it may help achieve your compliance objectives better.

Flexible arrangement. We will take a look ‘under the hood’ and advise you what we think your data protection compliance priorities should be. However, we will offer you as much or as little DPO presence as you desire as long as we can achieve your compliance objectives.

Cost v quality. We offer competitive pricing for a partner-led service where the quality of our work is our pride and trade mark.

Testimonials. Still have questions? We can put you in touch with people who we work with if you would like to hear it from somebody else. Please get in touch to find out how we can assist you